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Equibase combines records for Double-Registered Paint and Quater Horses

July 8, 2010 – On July 1, Equibase combined all performance records for double-registered horses and retained them only under the horses’ American Quarter Horse names.

American Paint Horse names have been eliminated from the system.

"This is a major problem for those double-registered horses that have a different name in each registry, and especially if that horse has only previously raced as a Paint Horse," said Oklahoma QHRA Executive Director Debbie Schauf. "Unless the name is the same in both breeds, horses with only Paint performance will be scratched because under Oklahoma rules of racing, they cannot race under a name for which they have had no performance. The APHA and AQHA are working with owners to get names changed on the affected horses, but the change must be requested by the owners.

"If you have double-registered horses that you plan to race, you must make sure that the same name is approved by both AQHA and APHA to avoid this problem," she said. "If you have any questions on this issue give me a call and I will try to explain the details to you."

Contact Debbie Schauf of OQHRA at (405) 216-0440.