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Inside Paint Horse Racing - July/August 2012

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On the cover:
Bred to be Quarter Horses, Spotted Joe Reed and his full sibling, Marylin (Two Spot), were in fact cropout Paints and stars of the Oklahoma brush tracks. Though their racetrack dominance predated APHA’s formation, their legacy lives on in the blood of today’s Paint Horses.
Photo courtesy of Dale and Carolyn Staton.
6 Vet’s Column
8 Around the Track
14 Just Out of the Gate
18 No Hoof, No Horse
Hoof imbalances can negatively affect a racehorse’s performance.
By Abigail Boatwright.
24 Lost & Found
Six decades ago, a pair of Paint racehorses competed on the brush tracks of the Sooner State. Recently discovered facts and photos add insight to their legend and legacy.
By Frank Holmes
30 The Catalysts
Change and positivity were the earmarks of the 2012 APHA Workshop.
By Laura Stevens
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44 Barrel Racing Information
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