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APHA Masterpiece Challenge

To promote the racing of 3-year-old Paint and Appaloosa Horses.

APHA Masterpiece General Information and guidelines
These rules and regulations define the terms and conditions under which persons and horses may participate in the APHA Masterpiece Challenge program.

Qualifier Guidelines—The winners of the qualifying races will receive an invitation to participate in the APHA Masterpiece Challenge race. If the winner of any of the qualifying races is not enrolled in this program or has previously qualified, the invitation would be extended to the next highest enrolled finisher. A substitute race could be inserted in the event that any of the qualifying races do not run. If a 3-year-old and Up stakes race is used as a qualifying race, only the enrolled 3-year-olds would be eligible to receive the invitation to the Masterpiece Challenge race.

 Entry Eligibilities—If any participant does not accept or declines the invitation, the invitation will be extended to the next highest enrolled finisher of that particular race.

Acceptance of the Invitation—A $200 payment (to be included in the purse) must be paid no later than 30 days prior to the running of the APHA Masterpiece Challenge race.

Race Location—The APHA Masterpiece Challenge Race will be held at Lone Star Park Race Track and the distance of the race will be 400 yards.

The Program—Information on disbursement of the fees:

  •  All interest and other income earned by the program shall be added back to the program.
  •  APHA may deduct the accumulated cost of administering/ advertising the program from the gross proceeds of the enrollments, not to exceed ten percent.
  •  Enrollment fees received during the calendar year will be paid out the following year (i.e. 2-Year-Olds of 2011 will be paid out in 2012, 2-Year-Olds of 2012 will be paid out in 2013, and so forth.)

Karen Utecht • (817) 222-6444 •
APHA Racing Department • PO Box 961023 • Fort Worth, TX 76161

PDF Download APHA Masterpiece Enrollment Form
PDF Download APHA Masterpiece Enrolled Horses

2012 APHA Masterpiece Qualifying Races
1. Speedhorse Graham Derby 3/17
2. PSBA Derby 4/21
3. Colors of Texas Stakes 5/12
4. Rocky Mountain Derby 5/19
5. OHA Derby 6/30
6. Speedhorse Derby 8/4
7. Lorelei Derby 9/29
8. Yellowstone Downs Derby TBA
9. Whoop Up Downs Derby TBA
10.  At-large qualifier – selection by APHA Racing Committee